Saturday, 27 August 2011

MEAT in Tokyo

i went to the old blue last on thursday before an awkward gangsta night with joel (and just to don't make extremely different, to punk afterwards) and when we got there i saw on the stage these crazy semi-naked girls covered by white spots, singing furiously with their quite girlish voices through african beats, i had that 'it happened before' feeling but not because it doesnt sound up-to-date but actually because of the whole pub-concert-post punk thing. it was making me dare i was on my current favorite music period, watching, maybe, the slits in a california ballroom's concert night.

photos by souichirou ota


sun glitters

Monday, 22 August 2011

tip to increase viewers?

its more about the sensation i had when realized that these kids staring the paint were actually dolls between real people doing the same and how amazed i was checking their faces, what points out on this white cube's chapman brothers exhibition at hoxton square. i'm seeing many installations with these human sized dolls lately. i must say i don't feel all these are forefront at all but i love to experience being in a room with loads of fake people. i know, it sounded like 'i should admit we do it many times and they are actually, well, not dolls'. but i prefer to ignore this silly observation and fill my living room with them. wouldn't it looks exactly like a contemporary art gallery??? well, chapman's work is not what really pleases me, specially the emphasized topics, but its something to check in our pop fast-art scene. and as far as i've checked, mason's yard exhibition seems to be nicer.

Monday, 8 August 2011


how cool is roland orzabal dancing in the background yard. i can't express how much i love peculiar dances. its prob one of the things which most makes me happy on this nightlife sameness.

nothing is gonna change

Thursday, 4 August 2011

being tilda swinton

ever wanted to be someone else? now you can

i'm being lazy lately, i used to want to be so many people before. but watching this made me feel like being her at least for this minute.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

gazing at their shoes

we fade to grey

peter philips had his degree in graphic design at antwerp's royal academy of fine art and he is the currently creative director of chanel make-up

pokemon feet revisited

bind me! tie me!

szomorú vasárnap

dreaming, i was only dreaming
i wake and i find you asleep in the deep of my heart, here
darling, i hope that my dream never haunted you
my heart is telling you how much i wanted you

feel like listening fiona apple's slow like honey after this

there is this urban legend about gloomy sunday which i think is suitable but i can't help myself when i listen lydia lunch version. it's so beautiful.

Monday, 1 August 2011

when someone is truly a beautiful person, you want the world to know

check more of toyin photography and film work here

don’t be surprised, i’m ripping out my eyes

we break too easily

'janine rostron seems to revel in such confusion, playing with roles of identity in a provocative fashion, defying notions of conventional sexuality to such a degree that one song is entitled i am your man. even the video for doorway features her with a mask that succeeds in making her look like mr spock’s glamorous sister.'

she was playing for not more than 100 people at lovebox so we were the luckiest group just in front of the stage. we chatted for a while about her sex type and i just could have sure googling it at home (have to admit tho, that my disturbed gender perception was wrongly making me bet it was a guy). and it is to be reckoned that her prosthetic nose is so into this current peculiar shaped faces trend.

turn green

these slow motion scenes is unbelievable attached to my mind since i watched this and apparently, he is doing the same in his new melancholia