Tuesday, 17 January 2012

october 18, 1977

don't quite agree with bad judgments about gerhard richter motive choices, i see him as a tireless seeker for technics and themes, and maybe this can not put all his work beautifully in tune in an exhibition, but why would i define one style or something to be stuck on? just to be consisted on the viewers mind, being easy recognizable? his retrospective exhibition on tate might have not made sense for the ones who likes sorted ends. but this is so much more tangible, being able to rebuilt yourself how many times you feel like. coherency is for mathematicians 

his series about the baader-meinhof group

yours irretrievably

blog with sketches from anton corbjin's control

Friday, 13 January 2012

from rua frei caneca to avenida ipiranga

all sort of pollution and this annoying messy and crowed landscape, how im finally finding it interesting, passed a month that i cried looking out of my window and not seeing all those victorian dirty bricks. this lack of taste (if we assume as the finest, the one preconceived - mainly by the veterans) certainly can bring something closer to the new, something not really understood and consumed, and maybe thats why somehow the future is here, and its not just economically talking. its like the dust is tougher here, needs to be deeper excavated. then, you can find all these small pieces of postmodernist premanufactureds, careless thrown anywhere.