Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

it's raining today

'listening to scott walker (especially when he pretends to be flying) is like having carnal relations with frank sinatra’s sister, daughter, and neices on a shag carpet in a master bedroom whose oxygen has been replaced by mushrooms' - max abelson

he is a sort of a male version of dusty springfield and also bowie covered him in 1973. how am i just listening to it now?

Monday, 25 June 2012

because there's something pleasurable about not talking

'he doesn't want to see people anymore. i know he has isolated himself almost completely. he reads a lot and goes to his writing table every day. for a while i thought he was writing a new film, but i don't think so now. i'll have to take a little peek when i go out there' - changing, liv ullmann about ingmar bergman

ingmar fell in love with an island and he lived reclusively his last years there. i went to the first day of ccbb's tribute for ingmar bergman's work and could watch this documentary he made in 1979 about faro island. i read liv ullmann's changing during my teenage years and, not sure anymore how she describes the island, but i had this impression of an empty and a bit dull, but picturesque place, with loads of green and a long stoned way which guides to his house. seeing this place guided by bergman was fantastic. it's so delightful how you get to know a bit of the place through the citizens' lives stories. and you don't get to know historical facts or anything which usually bases a document about somewhere, this is just common people sharing things about their current life and past. and this simple and real portrait is the island

i couldn't find a trailer of faro 1979, but these two videos is a later documentary which reminds me of what bergman did in 79, but this one is with bergman himself telling how is his life there

lac rose

wondering how pretty in pink i would be swimming in the lake retba. this lake in cabo verde - senegal is bright pink during the dry season and it happens because of the high concentration of salt - about 380 gr. per liter, more than in the dead sea. not many living creatures can live at this salinity, apart from this cyanobacterium called dunaliella salinawhich produces a red pigment that contribute to the color of water

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

have you been wondering how to deal with the bad haircut your dog has just got?

call charlie!

i've actually just done the opposite and instead of having le mindu cutting my hair, i had my paper scissors and a bit of inconsequence, and then now, more than one person said to me that my hair is looking exactly like my dog's 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

dialogue of hands

'helio and i are like a glove. he is the outside of the glove, very much linked to the exterior world. i am the inside. and the two of us exist from the moment there is a hand which puts on the glove' - lygia clark about helio oiticica

gormley's people

'the space of consciousness has a body shape, and that body shape has a second skin: architecture'

antony gormley's loss II on his first solo exhibition in são paulo at ccbb