Monday, 25 June 2012

because there's something pleasurable about not talking

'he doesn't want to see people anymore. i know he has isolated himself almost completely. he reads a lot and goes to his writing table every day. for a while i thought he was writing a new film, but i don't think so now. i'll have to take a little peek when i go out there' - changing, liv ullmann about ingmar bergman

ingmar fell in love with an island and he lived reclusively his last years there. i went to the first day of ccbb's tribute for ingmar bergman's work and could watch this documentary he made in 1979 about faro island. i read liv ullmann's changing during my teenage years and, not sure anymore how she describes the island, but i had this impression of an empty and a bit dull, but picturesque place, with loads of green and a long stoned way which guides to his house. seeing this place guided by bergman was fantastic. it's so delightful how you get to know a bit of the place through the citizens' lives stories. and you don't get to know historical facts or anything which usually bases a document about somewhere, this is just common people sharing things about their current life and past. and this simple and real portrait is the island

i couldn't find a trailer of faro 1979, but these two videos is a later documentary which reminds me of what bergman did in 79, but this one is with bergman himself telling how is his life there

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