Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sunday, 23 October 2011

it always leads me here

maybe one of the last sunny sundays of this year and i was by myself without anything to do. so i decided to get lost, walking through southeast london, and ended passing a considerable long time mesmerized for the tower bridge's screws (actually i don't know exactly how to call these studs on the steel, is it screws?), thinking how lovely is the color harmony of the bridge and trying to catch what i was seeing with my phone's pixlromatic. it is such a stupid thing staying at home in this city.

more of what i've seen today from shoreditch high street to bermondsey

i can't stop listening ella since i woke up this morning, i always thought it is such a sunday thing to listen

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

it's the end of the world as we know it

last week i finally watched lars von trier's last destroy-my-soul movie. he is now, analysing melancholia (as a planet or a feeling, whatever) on it's particular acceptance process by different persons (and you can feel free to find these characters suitable for yourself or whoever). after it i was thinking in world end's movies, and how you can not watch them without drop at least a tear. then, i realized i have a list of movies to suggest when someone asks for a crying movie, and can stop recommending 'my girl'.

back to melancholia, i don't want to tell what happens in the end - but i will (or kind of), but honestly it really doesn't matter cause it's more than obvious.
there is no more definitive end than killing all the characters, destroying the scenery, turning it silent, it's over, and the inevitable final and the end of the existence of all the fiction its there to be faced on the black screen. and you, sitting on your chair in this afternoon session, have to deal with this: were you trying hard to not ruin your make-up and deadly suffer with these characters?? hey, nothing of this exist!!
all my respect to this sort of shock of reality after a couple of hours of engagement with a story.

i got you

david meets andy

or 'david bored by andy'

omg this hair

Friday, 14 October 2011


with her huge eyes and prominent forehead, barbara steele has the burtonian sort of beauty and a 60's immaculate elegance. she's is known for acting in some italian horror movies during the 60's what made her fame as a gothic muse. i've never seem none of these movies (first one, definitely is gonna be the vampire black sunday), but she is so unbelievable exquisite as gloria morin in fellini's otto mezzo that i can't imagine her in these horrors trashes. and i need to mention how 8 1/2 make-up is fucking amazing. i love the scene when guido draws on carla's face a 'whore's' eyebrows in his conception of it.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

rad hourani s/s 2012 unisex collection

'i started imagining clothes the same way i started creating images: with a sense of curiosity and innocence driven by my no-background background. no school. no telly. no boundaries. no formatting. i like the idea of a world that we could live and shape by ourselves, only by observing. each our own. my clothes have erupted from this world of mine. they are asexual, aseasonal, they come from no place, no time, no tradition, yet they could be home anywhere, anytime. they exude a sense of discreet chic, the essence of timeless style, drawn on a monochromatic and graphical canvas. palette of blacks, touches of pure whites and intense grays. sophisticated unisex modern classics for anti-conformist individuals.' - rad hourani

thanks to gray

Friday, 7 October 2011

hallo spaceboy

since you are in love with someone, you can be questioning yourself how it could happen to you (cause nobody deserves such torment as love) so here i'm gonna try to explain myself why i love him this much and how it became a really not temporary thing. my tactic consists in basically splitting him up in smaller pieces and analyze them separately. this is about his hair, and to be quite predictive, about his long-hair phase.

bowie in 1964 on cliff michelmore’s BBC tonight show as head of the society for the prevention of cruelty to long-haired men

my dad used to have pretty much the same hair. how cute is that?

heart of stone

it reminds me of deap end

Thursday, 6 October 2011

pandrogyne project II

are you bored? a nice think to do is try to make your best gay friend looks exactly like you. the bad (or good) think that could happen is if he likes and then you are contributing creating one more tranny to the world

at least is the prettiest tranny ever cause it looks like me

chris phillips photos at finissimo

marquise merteuil

cuddling cushion

a cuddling cushion which gives advices and consoles? i want one! i know it is an unashamed copy of labyrinth, but xuxa contra o baixo astral (or super xuxa against the bad vibes - i swear i found the translated name for this. i'm just wondering who saw this with english subtitles?) was my favorite when i was a child (like a year ago) and i need to confess, it still takes awwws of me.

and they both have the cutest worm ever

yay my silliest post ever


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

let's get lost

in love with chet

'a good way to go in this life is define something that you really enjoy doing and then learn how to do it better than anybody'