Monday, 1 October 2012

renoir in the land of the nereid galatea

'i had experimented with impressionism as much as i could and i concluded that i did not know how to draw or paint. in a word, i was in a cul-de-sac.'

in the year of 1881, renoir came to italy to visit the most famous destinations of art according to delacroix, venice-rome-naples-sicily. the scuderie del castello visconteo in pavia is hosting a selection of the more than five thousand paintings and drawings pierre-auguste renoir made during his life and telling a bit of his appreciation with raphael work (in particular with the triumph of galatea) and the experience he had in these days in italy. 

he says about his trip to italy in a letter to a friend that it was 'something which i should probably have done a long time ago. at least it is clear to me that raphael did not try the impossible, as i do; he did not paint outdoors but rather he studied the sun, because his frescos are filled with it! i on the other hand, by focusing my attention externally, ended up paying too much attention to the small details which in fact obscure the sun instead of exhaling it.'

'i have quite a collection of royal portraits

my suitors usually come in oil. and i've kept them - because I love a good painting'

moonage daydreams hats on queen christina