Thursday, 27 September 2012

breakfast at brera

i'm not exactly a fan of christian iconography, so medieval art was something really hard to me to enjoy. but this was just one more case of prejudice about something ignored, and now i'm at peace with ten centuries of art history thanks to my profusion of leisure time (but i should confess that lady marchmain can still not be proud of my religious views). after spending hours feeling that the end would never come of this enormous collection of medieval art owned by the pinacoteca di brera in milano, i have found some details of these paintings, i would like to bring it up

is it a gay couple behind baby jesus? 
-giovanni bellini - madonna col bambino-

this is a huge painting and behind the main scene it is happening so many more interesting things, like a dog barking at a dromedary, which refuses itself to move (?)   
-gentile and giovanni bellini - la predica di s. marco in una piazza di alessandria-

pretty doggy I 
-giovanni mansueti - s. marco battezza aniano-

pretty doggy II 
-veronese - ultima cena-

pretty doggies killing a cat 
-veronese - cena in casa di simone-

pretty doggy III (well, i don't have my dogs with me, right?! and i like dogs!!!!)
-bonifacio veronese - mosè consegnato alla figlia del faraone-

how is this guy still alive? if i were alive with a dagger on my chest, i would probably be doing something more interesting than praying... 
-carlo crivelli - trittico di san domenico-

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

schöner gigolo, armer gigolo

delightfully 20's dressed, bowie, dietrich, novak, hemmings, and sydne rome (never heard this name before too, but want to highlight her character as my favorite, cilly - just one more girl spending her life being in love with bowie) are the cast for hemmings' just a gigolo, second film bowie acted for and in a recognizable good performance, to put an end to speculations about his acting skills after the man who fell to earth. so blonde and pretty, still with bad teethes (which for me is his best phase) wearing long coats and military suits. quite sexy. really reasonable to watch it and check how the german gigolo suits bowie and his kind of humor   

here an article written by michael watts about these days in berlin

Saturday, 8 September 2012


red ambiance instant obsession: matisse's harmony in red, bergman's cries and whispers, gigi, villa of the mysteries

Thursday, 6 September 2012

making movies

80's make-up + curly hair + 30's dress + cap. it is an ode to the bad taste, i know! but sooo wonderfully wrong. im so completely sure about this lost-in-space trend, and to prove it i also did some snapshots from brian the palma's carrie (well i took a while wondering from which 70's-80's movie this girl belongs, so i should credit my boyfriend's amazing memory for this find). we hate this evil girl who helps to destroy carrie's night, but she is without doubt the coolest in this ball

and well, it is really unlikely to see me wearing something like this 

also, i would like to say something about dire straits' romeo & juliet choreography, but it really leaves me speechless

these foolish things