Tuesday, 18 October 2011

it's the end of the world as we know it

last week i finally watched lars von trier's last destroy-my-soul movie. he is now, analysing melancholia (as a planet or a feeling, whatever) on it's particular acceptance process by different persons (and you can feel free to find these characters suitable for yourself or whoever). after it i was thinking in world end's movies, and how you can not watch them without drop at least a tear. then, i realized i have a list of movies to suggest when someone asks for a crying movie, and can stop recommending 'my girl'.

back to melancholia, i don't want to tell what happens in the end - but i will (or kind of), but honestly it really doesn't matter cause it's more than obvious.
there is no more definitive end than killing all the characters, destroying the scenery, turning it silent, it's over, and the inevitable final and the end of the existence of all the fiction its there to be faced on the black screen. and you, sitting on your chair in this afternoon session, have to deal with this: were you trying hard to not ruin your make-up and deadly suffer with these characters?? hey, nothing of this exist!!
all my respect to this sort of shock of reality after a couple of hours of engagement with a story.

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