Monday, 1 August 2011

don’t be surprised, i’m ripping out my eyes

we break too easily

'janine rostron seems to revel in such confusion, playing with roles of identity in a provocative fashion, defying notions of conventional sexuality to such a degree that one song is entitled i am your man. even the video for doorway features her with a mask that succeeds in making her look like mr spock’s glamorous sister.'

she was playing for not more than 100 people at lovebox so we were the luckiest group just in front of the stage. we chatted for a while about her sex type and i just could have sure googling it at home (have to admit tho, that my disturbed gender perception was wrongly making me bet it was a guy). and it is to be reckoned that her prosthetic nose is so into this current peculiar shaped faces trend.

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