Monday, 22 August 2011

tip to increase viewers?

its more about the sensation i had when realized that these kids staring the paint were actually dolls between real people doing the same and how amazed i was checking their faces, what points out on this white cube's chapman brothers exhibition at hoxton square. i'm seeing many installations with these human sized dolls lately. i must say i don't feel all these are forefront at all but i love to experience being in a room with loads of fake people. i know, it sounded like 'i should admit we do it many times and they are actually, well, not dolls'. but i prefer to ignore this silly observation and fill my living room with them. wouldn't it looks exactly like a contemporary art gallery??? well, chapman's work is not what really pleases me, specially the emphasized topics, but its something to check in our pop fast-art scene. and as far as i've checked, mason's yard exhibition seems to be nicer.

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