Tuesday, 1 November 2011

i'm not brigitte bardot!

i recently watched 'the girl on a motorcycle' and i'm a bit obsessed with the film and marianne faithfull. i was kind of reluctant to like her 80's deep raucous voice after listen the sweetie girl from the sixties, and feeling bad about some live performances from her new wave wasted times. but i think it was more because, for a moment, i found it difficult to recognize the same girl, but her raw voice does make more sense and suits her character better.

this is a making-of of two videos for dangerous acquaintances album directed by serge gainsbourg (favorite rude-boy ever! why does he need to present the thing in a bed with a girl??)
the scene which she is surrounding a car in a harbour is quite beautiful, and i adore the music, but i was checking and they foolishly never used it on the original video, which actually is a bit boring and i don't think is gainsbourg's.
(02:18 she is so good answering to gainsbourg's attempt to make she looks sex playing with her fox scarf)

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